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The real reason Apple changed SIM card sizes


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Jan 17, 2010
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Wired has an excellent article for Apple's (and mainly AT&T's) reasoning for switching SIM card sizes in the Apple iPad. The reason? Money, plain and simple.

The iPhone uses a full sized SIM card and is much smaller then the iPad. So size constraints aren't the reason.

It's quite easy to see that by not allowing you an easy way to switch your SIM card between devices, AT&T can charge you for both the iPhone as well as your iPad and thus increase revenue.

Don't be too upset however as you can modify your existing SIM to fit into the iPad by cutting it down to size, however you will need to buy a converter to then re-upsize it to fit into your iPhone. So all of this wrangling just once again makes it harder on the customer.

More info at the Wired article here: Apple iPad’s Tiny SIM Is Just There to Mess With You | Epicenter | Wired.com


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Feb 2, 2010
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As with the original SIM card, the one used in the iPad was introduced in Europe first. Apple did not really invent the wheel here. Adapters are everywhere to be used in other devices (mifi or iPhone for example).
With all other devices (non iPad) you have to sign a contract for service.
I for one don't like the idea of a contract.
They're only fooling those that live under a rock.


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Feb 7, 2010
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I agree, its a facade,

Apple: "Looky here, see our iPad, you want to play a game?"
customer: "Awesome, can I use my AT&T data or a new contract?"
Apple: "Hey, even better, no contract just Pay as you Go."
customer: "Awesome, I can't wait, cant I just swap my SIM?"
Apple: "no way man, we made use of this smaller GSM Micro SIM!"
customer: "Awe man"
Apple: "Yes! AT&T you can send us your share once things get rolling."
55 days later: Tune in next week when joe customer hacks his SIM and finds it wont work once fitted back to his iPhone.
AT&T: "You shouldn't have done that, we can send you a new one for $$ and we can also offer you a year of data at a reduced price for the iPad for $$."
customer: "Awe man!":ipad-case:

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