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The New iPad is Already Breaking Pre-Order Records


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Jun 7, 2010
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[FONT=&amp]According to a new note from analyst Michael Walkley from Canaccord Genuity as reported on by AppleInsider today, the new iPad is already a record breaker, even before it goes on sale this Friday. Walkley says that he has checked with Apple’s distribution channels, who have told him that the new iPad has already smashed Apple’s previous pre-order records, leading him to believe that the iPad will break launch-day sales records on Friday. This belief has also led Walkley to state that he thinks that Apple will go on to sell around 65.6 million iPads in 2012, 10 million units more than his previous forecast, according to AppleInsider. And while Walkley predicts a massively successful year for Apple’s tablet, he says that Apple’s competitors will still find it difficult to come up with a tablet that could in anyway hope to compete with the iPad’s current dominance, and that most Android makers have “essentially conceded the high-end tablet market to Apple in the near term.â€[/FONT]

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Feb 11, 2012
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SaintLouis Missouri
Articles like this are funny. Don't get me wrong, I love my IP2 and I'm sure the IP3 is a ground breaking device, but now that Apple has raised the bar the other tablet makers will be obligated to try to match or surpass it. Will they? That's anyone's guess.

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