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The New iPad Has Already Grabbed 10% of all iPad Web Traffic


iPadForums News Team
Jun 7, 2010
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BGR reports today that according to new figures provided by ad network Chitika’s real-time iPad tracker, in just three week the new iPad has managed to grab 10% of all iPad traffic on Chitika's network. According to Chitika, the new iPad’s share of iPad traffic soared to its highest point to date of 16.2% on the morning of April 8, with the full-day average for the new iPad’s traffic share also hitting a high of 10% on the same day. Chitika’s Gabe Donnini writes on the Chitika blog that he believes that this is already a significant milestone for Apple’s new tablet:

“The 10% threshold is much more than an indicator of adoption; symbolic meaning cannot be dismissed. Simply put, the new iPad stands as a prime example of what any company could hope for. IDC reports that Apple holds the place of the most dominant tablet manufacturer in the world, and with consumers on the verge of viewing the idea of a tablet as synonymous with an iPad, the odds are looking pretty good.â€

Source: New iPad already accounts for 10% of all iPad traffic

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