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The EVO 4G available June 4th confirmed...

Isaac Newton

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Mar 16, 2010
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San Antonio
The sprint website has announced the beast of a phone will be available for purchase June 4th. Www.sprint.com

Part II of my plan on buying the wifi version of the iPad...anticipating the mobile hot spot feature available on this phone!

Sorry fellow forum mates...I would have gotten an iPhone, but want nothing to do with the AT&T network.

Today...I am happy.
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Hmmm.....I might have to check that out when my iPhone contract is up. My wife and I would love to be able to use our wifi ipads everywhere. Any idea how much the service would cost?
did you hear that both sprint and verizon kill the google nexus phone package .it was on cnn website along with msbc website this afternoon when i logged into check emails
Preordered my HTC EVO 4G today from Bestbuy:). Pick up June 4th. Plan to use the wifi hotspot with my ipad. Will post how it works when i get it.
Preordered my HTC EVO 4G today from Bestbuy:). Pick up June 4th. Plan to use the wifi hotspot with my ipad. Will post how it works when i get it.

I did as well...what price did they qoute you? The sales rep quoted $600. I told the dude it retails for $450...he said best buy marks it up and that the HTC Incredible for Verizon goes for $599 (no contract).I asked if I was locked into the pre order so if he was certain of the mark up, I would goto Sprint directly, which drops it for $450.

He mentioned I was not committed to buy, but the $50 dollar gift card used to secure the pre order could be used at my discretion at best buy w/o issue.

Either way...I'm getting an EVO 4 on the drop date.

4g with no AT&T commitment...priceless.
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Is the wifi hotspot unlimited use?

I'd have to say yes...only in the way that a mifi would work. My guess is that based on the standard Internet usage restrictions one may have would dictate the rates on usage. I have the $99 everything unlimited plan...so no worries here.

The $29 monthly charge for 4G wifi + the $10 "EVO tax" is tantamount to a data plan on most hi end smart phones. My Bberry data plan is $45 a month currently...so I save 5 bucks a month!
I was really looking at this, however I am not sure about two things. One is how Sprint service is here is MA (north of Boston) and the extra $29.00 fee for mifi.
I used Sprint a number of years ago and the service was awful. Anyone know what it's like now? I have looked at their map, but would love to hear a real report.
I am sprint premiere. So cost is $199 after $150 off upgrade plus $100 rebate. Would be same for new subsciber to sprint. 4g evo premium data charge = $10/ month and hotspot 29.99 for unlimited data. Base plan $69.99 for one includes 450 minutes to landlines and unlimited Minutes mobile to mobile any carrier also unlimited text and data. Also. Simply everything family plan which is what i have for $120 includes 3 phones with 1500 minutes.
No need to switch from away from iPhone just for tethering, mywi creates a wifi point from your 3G connection. Been working great for me!

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