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The eternal sync question--where does app data go?


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Jan 15, 2012
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I use my ipad mostly for editing documents with apps like Iannotate and Notetaker HD, so this isn't about syncing apps that are connected to the cloud, like music apps and calendar contacts. I"m concerned about losing data if I sync to a different machine.

A few weeks after I got my iPad2 in May, which I synced to my laptop, I tried to sync it to my desktop PC and learned the hard way that you can't do that. When I tried to re-sync it to my laptop, I didn't realize that it would then create a backup of my now wiped ipad, and hence I lost the original profile, all the apps and any docs I had been working on.

Fortunately, I still had only a few apps and not much data on the ipad. But, as you can imagine, once bitten, twice shy. I am always terrified when I go to sync my iPad. Okay, maybe not terrified, but pretty apprehensive.

I got a new desktop recently and now I want to change my primary computer for syncing from my laptop to my desktop.

I understand that syncing to more than one computer is now possible with OS5, but with my first scary experience, I'm a little hesitant. I now have my ipad loaded with documents I've written or edited, and can't really afford to lose them. I've just synced the ipad to my laptop, which worked fine, and now want to try to do it with my desktop.

Where, therefore, does the data that is not purchased music or videos go when I sync to a new computer? How can I ensure my data is not lost?

For reference, I'm using PCs running Windows 7.

Thanks for listening,

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