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The Apple and Amazon Kindle Between Peak


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May 31, 2011
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One is the eldest brother in the tablet computer market, representative product is Apple iPad; Another is the first in the e-book industry, representative product is Kindle. When apple's iPad tablet computer is dominating the world and continue to rule, and numerous competitors all are fatigue, industry will last hope to the Amazon. Recently, the market research institutions Forrester thinks that this year Apple iPad 2 will have no rivals, but Amazon has the chance. The reason is the brand, boil down the channels, content and price.

Here, I think Amazon should be a powerful e-business brand that is more appropriate, even though the powerful customer brand, but apple, isn’t? At least in the tablet PC market field, the brand awareness of the Apple iPad 2 can be said to be the highest. According to the latest research, the users who have the intention to purchase tablet computer, 82% of users trend to choose the Apple iPad, or iPad 2. so the author images if Amazon wants to challenge the Apple’s global position, there is almost no significance. Since the feet of Apple has been reaching every corner of the world, and continuously launched the new but most attractive products to capture the customer’s attention in order to lead the market tend and strengthen its global position.

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