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Thank goodness I bought the ipad 3 with 3G


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Jun 8, 2011
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Just wanted to say I am so happy I did get the 3G version of ipad3. I went on holiday to Oz and took both iphone 5 and ipad 3. Soon after arriving I went to get my Aussie sim for iphone 5 $30 got me so many texts and calls but only 400gb of data. After only being there a few days my data ran out. There was no home wifi where I was staying so there was going to be a problem. I then went shopping for a sim for the ipad, after shopping around I found Vodafone offering 4gb for $30. A great buy, so I have had continual Internet which I don't think I could live without. So if you are thinking should or shouldn't I buy the 3G BUY IT. Well worth it. I just keep my phone for text and calls goodness knows what it would of cost to keep me in data......

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