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Text-Adventure Game Lifeline is Free for Limited Time


iPadForums News Team
Jun 7, 2010
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Lifeline goes free.JPG

9to5 Toys reports that critically acclaimed popular text-based game Lifeline, which usually sells for around $2.99, is currently available to download for free for the first time ever for all iOS devices, including Apple Watch.

The game’s gripping story was written by Dave Justus, responsible for Fables: The Wolf Among Us, and focuses on the aftermath when a spaceship crash lands on an alien moon, leaving the game’s hero, Taylor, stranded. With Taylor’s crew mates either dead or missing, the only person that he can reach on his communicator is you, via your phone.

The unique experience takes place in real time, as Taylor sends you messages via your notifications throughout the day. You can even respond to Taylor’s requests via your Apple Watch, or iPhone lock screen, without opening the app. You don’t always have to respond immediately, you can do so later on when you have time.

There’s no word as to how long the game will be available for free, so be sure to download it quickly before they put the price up again if you like the look of it!

Click here to download Lifeline: Lifeline... on the App Store

Lifeline text-adventure game goes free for the first time (Reg. $3)

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