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Targus vs Poetic case.....?


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Apr 28, 2011
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I was recently really close to buying the Targus Versavu 360 rotating stand case for my iPad 2. It retails for about $55. Then I ran across the Poetic Swivelbook Leather Case Folio (Cost $19.99). There were only a few reviews on it, both great. They said its exactly like the Targus, except it has to added features: 3 viewing angles instead of Targus's 2, and the wake up feature like Apple's smart cover. Anybody know anything about this case?? I'm really curious about it, and would love to get it if its legit and not crap.

The Poetic Swivelbook Leather Case Folio is available on Amazon.com

Thanks for any help,

I have the poetic swivelbook it's better than the targus versavue and cheaper.
The poetic swivelbook also has the magnets for the auto on/off feature, the targus one doesn't.
Nice little case until I get my otterbox defender case.
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Oh yeah here's some pics:


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Awesome! Looks great...I'm defenitly going to order it. Thank's for posting pics. One other question, what color is the inside? Blue?
It's got that grey micro fiber on the inside flap and has blue stitching on the outside.
Any case with the slots isnt that stable thats what i noticed but its stable enough that when i put it on the table it doesnt fall.
I think its just preference.

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I sent mine back. It just was not stable enough for me. Now use switcheasy case. Love it.
3 view angles instead of 2?? Landscape, portrait and...? Diagonal? Upside down?
This looks identical to the Duragadget case I bought off the Amazon UK site for £13.99 and I really like it

I am really tempted by the Switcheasy Canvas, but I like how this case shows the Apple logo through the back...... Why don't more case have a peep hole for the logo???

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I have the switcheasy case and just love it.sent back the poetic case.

I only have the Poetic swivelbook until i get my otterbox defender i have on preorder.
Im also waiting for the lifeproof ipad 2 case.

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The poetic case seems to have problems being propped in all of the grooves, as this video demonstrates:

youtube - watch?v=Sm9lbCID8cI

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