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Taking your iPad out in the wild


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Jun 26, 2010
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I was wondering how many of you actually take your ipads out in the wild. I have the wireless version, but it has tons of books on it and I can always tether it to my phone. All the same, I've been nervous about taking it out of the house because of a whole bunch of ipad related muggings that happened in my area since it was released.

Adding to this is the fact that I have never seen one used in public it makes me wonder how many people venture out with their's. If you do take it out with you, where do you use it the most?
I took mine to a vintage car race but it was too sunny to read my ebook very well. Mostly just use it while sitting in my lazy boy chair in my living room.
I have a vaja case which just snaps on bottom and top. It makes it look like a fancy notepad. No one where I work has even noticed it's an Ipad unless they see me using it. Even then, if I'm reading they assume it's a Kindle. I've only used it outside on campus though, so I can't attest to stranger's attention.

I do live in an urban area, but I am usually careful, for instance I never run with headphones.
I take mine to restaurants and any place we/I expect to wait. My wife reads her Nook and I read my iPad while we wait. I have the wifi only, so if I don't want to read a book, I'll just download news to Early Edition before I leave.
One of the good points in living in a more rural area, is I just don't worry about it. I have gone to the park, a restaurant or two and even waiting for the wife to finish at Wal-mart......

Sometimes people look at you funny, but people have looked at me funny my whole life so it does not bother me :D
People mainly mind their own business around here and anyone showing more than passing interest in a stranger or his possessions are met with suspicion. Itake the iPad with me anywhere that I expect to have to wait. No one has ever commented.
My iPad is with my 24/7 where ever I go.

I have it in a folio case so people don't notice that I have an iPad unless its open and im useing it, then I get the "Is that one of those things" questions.
I've taken mine on countless motorcycle trips. I've got a nice spot in my rear trunk that is set up with recharging for the iPad and phones. I used to lug around my MacBook but not anymore. The iPad works awesome for all purposes. Excellent tool to log trip detail, events and pictures. I even use the pad to compiling tour stories for posting on several motorcycle forums i frequent
When I'm traveling on business I eat alone a lot. My iPad goes with me to keep me company at that restaurant.
When I'm traveling on business I eat alone a lot. My iPad goes with me to keep me company at that restaurant.

I've read about some restaurants starting to use iPads for their menus, placing orders and paying your bill, all in one visit. Not bad when you can pre-order your dinner and have everything ready when you arrive... and not wait to pay the tab.... :p
Took mine out to dinner the other night as our Bonefish always has a long wait. Kept my 4yr old busy during the wait playing free games like TicTacFree & FourInARow.

It turned into more of a conversation piece with another couple waiting. I sounded like a salesman explaining all the cool things you can do. They were Kindle users & liked the fact they could also use the iPad for that. Too bad I wont get a commission ;)
Recent 6 hour Car Trip kept my one-and-a-half year old daughter occupied with Elmo videos.

Took it to the DMV but I felt too nerdy using it in there. It was just too "LOOK WHAT I GOT!" to use in a crowded group of chairs like that.

But I bring mine with me out a lot. And usually bring it to work with me.
I am with many of the others who say that one of the reasons I bought my iPad is to take it "out in the wild". I take mine to work every day to read books while on break (and sometimes while not on break!) and to listen to music during lunch breaks. I work in a HIPAA controlled environment so there is no WiFi available.

My wife and I were waiting for our breakfast at Bob Evans this morning surfing the net with their complimentary WiFi service.

Of course one needs to be aware of their surroundings and judge how safe it is to use yours out in public.

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