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Tables from Numbers and Excel sheets


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Jan 1, 2012
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I'm trying to sync my work between Numbers for ios and Excel
The main issue is the name of the tables crated by Numbers, when I save a number file in .xls format, every table is converted in a new Excel spreadsheet. If a work in these spreadsheets and send to Numbers and back to Excel I have all the spreadsheets renamed as "spreadsheet_name - Table 1". Every time the file goes to Numbers and back to
Excel is added a "Table 1" at the name of every spreadsheet. Can anybody help me with this? Otherwise I will have
to rename all the 15 spreadsheets in the file every time I sync...
Hi, I have stopped trying to find a replacement for Microsoft Office via the app store and simply opted to install Real VNC so I can remotely connect to my home PC and actually use Office 2007. As things stand with the array or 3rd party Office apps this is for me the only real viable option until Microsoft release Office for the iPad.

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