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Syncing playlists from iTunes - too optimistic?


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May 3, 2011
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I created a playlist on iTunes on my Windows box. I synced to my iPad 2. The playlists didn't go to the iPad.

I've tried the obvious UI stuff - drag&dropping, trawling the menus.

I've trawled the forums.

The general theme from the forums seems to be syncing playlists is at best extremely dodgy, most likely just not going to work. And that if you want a playlist on the iPad, you should create it on the iPad. And you can expect iTunes to wipe it occasionally when you sync.

Could you good folk either confirm that it really is this bad, or gently instruct me where to look / how to do it?

Not that my recently experienced issue is shared by you, but if I may relate my own revelation: First, understand that I am new to utilizing Playlists. In so learning, I'd come to appreciate the feature, and that I had to first Add a Playlist...and then drag-n-drop actual itunes music tracks to my Playlist to make those tracks be a part of the Playlist. Looking at my newly added/built Playlist I could certainly SEE all my tracks had been added/listed there. So I connected my iPad2, went to the Music 'tab' across the top of iTunes (once iTunes recognized my iPad was connected), I placed a check in the box 'Sync Music' across the top of that area...just below that I clicked the radio knob for 'Selected playlists, artists, albums, and genres'. Next, back on the left side of the screen, just a little further down from my last action, I placed a check in the box next to my newly added Playlist [In so doing, I witnessed iTunes displayed '1029 songs' (in my case) to the far right side of the screen -- directly across from the 'Sync Music' check box -- BUT -- B-U-T I recognized, too, that the 'Capacity slide/scale across the middle/bottom of the screen made ZERO reference to any music! Still...I saw the 1029 tracks, so on I proceeded, figuring the 'audio' would catch up once I sync'd]. Lastly, I clicked the 'Sync' button in bottom right corner.

So I watched as iTunes indicated by 1 thru 7 statuses during syncing, that it had successfully sync'd to my iPad2. I disconnected my iPad2...and much like reported by OP, was dismayed to discover that there was no music on my iPad2.

Tried again...

...and again...

...and disconnected my iPad2 from iTunes in sheer frustration

Then I began searching for answers (leading me to any number of threads similar to this one). I read through search results with scary suggestions of wiping the iPad and starting over, etc. (zoinks...not for me if I can help it -- surely it was going to be something simpler than *that*!!!)

...and then I meandered back into iTunes...clicked on my Music tab along the left side...and paid some better attention to my newly created Playlist. YES...all my dragged-n-dropped songs were indeed listed there. A-HA!!!! WAIT!!! WHAT'S THIS???!!! Although every dragged-n-dropped song was indeed listed...NONE of them were CHECKED! Thinking I was on to something, I clicked on the first track's title -- not the check box, just the Name area/column for that track (making that 'row' blue)...and then I scroooooooooolled down to the end of my list, and holding my SHIFT key, I clicked on the final track's name/title (making ALL the rows in my Playlist now blue)...and finally I right clicked on any row, selecting 'Check Selection'. This action placed a check box in all 1029 songs that were added to my Playlist.

Reconnected my iPad2 to iTunes, and performed all the steps I'd originally stated. THIS time, syncing began moving one track at a time for all [of my 1029] tracks. Disconnected my iPad2 from iTunes, and confirmed all tracks did, indeed, sync over :D.

Again...my experience and actions may not mimic yours. But perhaps what I've noted in blue above is *exactly* the set of steps you need to add to get your Playlists to sync!

Best Regards,
Thanks! I seem to have it working. At little different to what you describe, but a great help.

With iTunes, my process is:

* (With iPad connected)
* Create new Playlist on computer, with menu File --> New Playlist. A new playlist should be created under PLAYLISTS.
* Select "Music" (under LIBRARY) in left hand navigation panel.
* Select the songs I want with clcik and shift-click. They highlight in blue and (for me) are already ticked.
* Drag the songs onto the new playlist at the left.
* Click on the playlist - the songs should appear in the main panel.
* Right-click on "guy's iPad" under DEVICES, and click on "Sync". The new playlist appears under my iPad's details.
* Disconnect iPad.
* On iPad, fire up iPod app and look for the playlist.
* It's there! Ta da DAAH!

Thank you!

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