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synch with new itunes ..my songs are erased


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Aug 5, 2011
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i set up new itunes on my sister pc ....i connected my ipad. authorized the pc then i transfered purchases from ipad to pc and also i took copy from pics on my ipad to "pictures" folder on the pc

then i pressed "synchronize " in the itunes (app , songs, media, pictures) , when synch was finished , i found out that my songs on the ipod folder in the IPAD are erased ??????

i have backup from the songs on my old pc . so it is not problem for me losing songs but i want to avoid this in the future...

so the question is : how can i synch my ipad with different computers without losing my contacts or songs. why there is not an option that allows me to choose between synch "from ipad to computer" or synch "from computer to ipad"....if such an option is existed please help

thanks in advance

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