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Sync/Backup Questions


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Sep 2, 2011
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Chofu, Tokyo.
Have had so many glitches with Sync, Backup, and the transfer of app and music purchases that I think I must have some fundamental misconception of how they are supposed to work together. I am now too scared to let my iPad 2 and iPhone 4 sync! The situation is a bit complicated because my wife now has an iPad 4 and uses several apps bought with my Apple ID and password.

I've just bought a new PC and installed iTunes. Today I plugged my iPad into a PC USB port and used the "transfer my purchases" function. But I don't see any of my music in the iTunes info on my iPad, and wonder whether it is safe to sync? All the apps are also greyed out. All very unsettling!

I have opted to backup to the cloud and my PC does not have a WiFi function so I am reluctant to use the backup function. Is it safe to do so? Should I let backup proceed as a normal part of Sync over the USB connection? Is there anything else I should do first? I'm not going to connect my or my wife's iPhone to the PC until I've got my iPad properly synced!

Would be grateful for any help,


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