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Switching computers and new Ipad


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Oct 17, 2011
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While waiting for my new Ipad, I decided to switch my IPad 1 to my new laptop, which I've been putting off for a long time. I followed these instructions:
(I'm not allowed to post links yet, I think you'll get the idea)

My IPad was full of apps, with a few folders to free up page space. It's a 64G w/cellular, about half full. The instructions had me transfer purchases, then sync apps, then backup. Un fortunately a number of programs did not return to the IPad, and most of the folders, hence it was full. I think It hould have been backup, then sync. I'm afraid I'll be missind data along with apps.
Foolishly I synced to my old computer before thinking things through. Got the new Ipad and restored it from ICloud, but ICloud backed up at the same time, so the new one is in the same condition. I can delete a number of apps (which I had already done before) and make new folders, then restore Apps one by one, but I was wondering if there is any way to get it back to it's original condition? I'm also afraid of losinf some data from some of the Apps. And I'll have to do this twice - (eventually one of the Ipads will be solely for music recording and writing).

Does any one have any suggestions? I knew it was a bad idea to this ...

I called AppleCare and they were no help...I knew more.
I reset the new Ipad and in new setup was given the opton of setting up as a new device or backup from ICloud. Here I was given 2 options - A backup from today or one from yesterday, which is what I wanted. It's backing up now and it's taking forever. One app at a time and I have alot of apps. Can't check on data, but I'll let you know in case anyone else needs the info. I can't believe noone at Apple mentioned the previous Icloud backup. Iasked specifically, and have searched the net all day.
If it works I'll do mt original. Of course, I spent a couple hours loading apps one at a time through Itunes and rearranging folders, etc., but no personal recordings. Hope this works!

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