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Support link to iPad forum Leads to Apple Store


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Dec 28, 2011
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I've had a few questions that I've used popular search engines to find answers. And answer links come up from apple support page linking to iPad Forums. But if you click that link, at least on my iPad, it takes you the apple store. If someone could try this we can narrow it down to if it's just the problem I am having.

I have seen that others have had recent issues with the cloud and the new account settings. Well I also have mobile me. If we have more than one device I don't want my son syncing to the same material I have or to put all the material I have for iPad onto a phone or haggle with all the settings if I want to sync, right? Well the apple support community I can't log into because my forum acct is locked by email from the MobileMe era and I can't login as cloud can I?

And back to the first issue. If I have iPad forums installed on my iPad.... Which I do! Lol

Why doesn't it take me to the thread?

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