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Suppliers Say Apple Sold 2.4 Million iPad 2s in March; Motorola Xoom, Not So Much


iPadForums News Team
Jun 7, 2010
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Although Apple has still yet to release official iPad 2 sales figures, MacStories has word today via DigiTimes that parts suppliers are saying that Apple shipped approximately 2.4 to 2.6 million iPad 2s in March, and apparently even that is a conservative estimate. Although these figures are unofficial, if they are anything like close to the actual official figure, then it’s very impressive indeed. As MacStories notes, Apple “only†sold a million units of the original iPad in the first month it was on sale last year. It’s likely that the fact that the iPad 2 was on sale in 25 more countries just two weeks after it went on sale in the US, unlike the original iPad which was not available worldwide until much later in the year, played a major part in bumping up the sales figures.

In contrast to these staggering, albeit unofficial, figures for the iPad 2, Business Insider reports that the Motorola Xoom has not fared quite so well, selling an estimated 100, 000 units since its February launch.

Source: MacStories Suppliers Reporting 2.4 Million iPad 2s Shipped in March, Business Insider Motorola Xoom A Flop, Just 100,000 Sold So Far

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