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Super Monkey Ball 2: Sakura Edition Out Now for iPad


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Jun 7, 2010
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Sega has just released a special iPad “Sakura†Edition of the fantastic Super Monkey Ball 2 to celebrate the worldwide launch of the iPad, and it’s also offering the game at the bargain price of €5.99/£4.99/AUS $9.99 (20% off) for a limited time only.

The iPad version of the game takes full advantage of the iPad’s larger screen, with higher resolution graphics and new environmental effects, and features over 125 levels across 6 worlds of simian ball-rolling mayhem, including 10 all-new levels from the Far East world. Sega has also thrown in the Monkey Bowling mini-game from the original Super Monkey Ball 2, plus three brand-new mini-games: Monkey Target, Monkey Golf and Monkey Base, which is an iPad-exclusive 4-player mini-game.

Super Monkey Ball games are always incredibly challenging, belying their cute looks, and tons and tons of fun, so this has to be a recommended addition to any iPad-owner’s games collection.

Source: Sega
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