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Stuck on pineapple screen


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Jan 28, 2011
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Hi, I had jailbroken using 0.9.6rc8, managed to use Cydia and install a bunch of things (SBSettings, iFile, iAcces, PDANet, etc), and successfully rebooted a couple of times.

However, I've installed the PDANet toggle for SBSettings, and couldn't get it to work, PDANet showed a popup window that asked me to reboot to get Wifi service started or something, so I uninstalled the toggle, shut down, and tried to reboot.

Only this time, I'm stuck on the pineapple screen, a reload wheel showed up on top of the pineapple after a few minutes, and it's been stuck there for an hour.

I tried forcing it to stop by holding power and home and then retry. I tried running redsn0w in XP mode, I even tried moving the whole thing to a XP machine, still no luck.

Help please?

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