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Stream pictures to iPad..


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Mar 21, 2011
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I'm using the new Home Share feature on OS4.3 and iTunes to stream my music collection and it works brilliantly!
Is there any way to do the same sort of thing with my photo library as well?
I've tried but I just cant seem to make it work as photos are not listed as a source in iTunes.
Can anybody help please, I don't really want to try and fit 30gb of pictures on a 16gb iPad!!
U could always upload those pix into the "cloud" by using Dropbox. Then u can access pix from iPad using Dropbox app. That's a ton of pix though, gonna be alo of uploading going on..lol
Flickr and Photobucket are also options. FlickrStackr has some nice viewing and management options on the iPad.

You'll pay money for anything over 2GB on DropBox. Flickr's free account will only allow you to upload 300MB a month, but there is no cap on the total. Might take a while to upload them all that way. I don't know what Photobucket's limits are.

iDisk and Gallery are options if you have a Mac, but the standard account is limited to 20GB, and at least some of that has to be set aside for email. And it cost money, at least for now.

There are other ways of sharing and accessing files between your computer and the iPad, but I don't have any experience with them.

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