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Strange problems after digitizer replacement (mini 2)


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May 10, 2016
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I'm wondering if anyone here has had any similar problems to what i'm having right now.

I've been fixing iphones and ipads for family and friends for a while now, and come across a few troubles which usually have a remedy. But recently I have agreed to repair two iPad mini 2s, both with cracked digitizers. The first one went without a hitch, the second one (attempted immediately after the first) has got me scratching my head !!

After reconnecting the LCD and digitizer I powered up the iPad and was greeted with half and half display with erratic blocking. Great. I tried the usual of cleaning connectors etc. and put it down to a damaged LCD cable. I ordered a new LCD and connected it today fully expecting a nice white shiny apple....but nothing.

After reading a few articles regarding hard resets and reseating connectors I reconnected the old "faulty" LCD. Still nothing. Excellent. I performed a hard reset with the old LCD connected and it booted up ( with the same funky messed up display). Reconnected the new LCD hoping to have miraculously solved it...but no...nothing. I'll hold my hands up now and say that I DIDN'T disconnect the battery on this iPad before disconnecting LCD and digitizer. But havingsaid that, I have full backlight when I attach the old LCD. Puzzled !!

Could it be as simple as a faulty replacement LCD?

Any help or advice would be great as I'm getting to the end of my tether (and out of pocket).

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