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Standard mail app


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Nov 21, 2012
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Is there a way to password lock the mail app that comes with the iPad? I am using another app, but now I can't send emails from websites that require an email...??


Merry Christmas
There is no way to passcode lock an app on the stock iPad, only the entire device.

There is a jailbreak tweak that will allow locking apps, but if you are already running an iOS 6 device you'll have to wait. It may be a while until the new jailbreak is out.

For information on jailbreaking check out the sticky tabs in the Hacking section. On the website they are blue threads that stay at the top of the list. On the app they are in a different tab at the top of the list.

To send emails from links on websites (I'm guessing that's what you're trying to do) tap and hold the email link to copy it, then paste it into your favorite email app.
You know how some web pages have a share button which leads you to email, Facebook, etc. well if you don't have an account receiving email from the iPad it takes you back to the add email section. It's not a problem to cut and paste but sometimes those buttons send more than just the link. Know what I mean? Apple really needs to address the multi user aspect or make an app to be able to lock other apps as well. I guess that is one area that the android tablets excel.. I love my iPad don't get me wrong, it just lacks in the multi user area...

I may just link a new address and use it fir very few people. Lucky folks! Lol
Apple has pretty much show that it tends to think in terms of one person = one (or more) device(s). Even the Restrictions settings are aimed at controlling a child's iPad, rather than multi-user.

It makes more sense with the iPhone than with the iPad, but I don't see them make major changes on that front anytime soon.

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