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SSH tunneling on iPad ?


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Apr 1, 2011
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Using SSH tunneling om my Mac (or any PC) works fine when using
ssh -D3210 name@server
and setting up a SOCKS proxy to localhost:3210. This results in redirecting all traffic via the SSH proxy server.
So far so good. But the iPad does not have an SSH client which suopports dynamic tunneling. Or does the Zingersoft iSSH support dynamic tunneling on the background ?
Another try was using a third computer as proxy by starting the ssh -D3210 session from there and using 192.168.xxx.yyy:3210 (the third computer's IP) as SOCKS proxy. But then Firefox issues a Connection refused by proxy error, so I expect this won't work on the iPad either.
Does somebody know a trick to enable dynamic SSH tunneling on a non-jailbroken iPad ?

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