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Spy vs Spy Is Number One in the App Store


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Jun 7, 2010
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I already had a good feeling about this game as soon as it was released, based as it is on a retro classic fave, so it’s no surprise at all to see that Robots and Pencils’ Spy vs Spy has already made its way swiftly to the top of the App Store in the US, Australia, Canada, Mexico, New Zealand and Poland for the iPhone version, and Australia, Canada, Finland, New Zealand and Sweden for the iPad version. The universal app features the famous Black and White Spies from DC Entertainment’s MAD Magazine with online and local multiplayer matches, 16 new embassies (plus the original 8), and a pixel-perfect retro mode, and even a modern mode. This new version of the game brings back all the humour, action and fisticuffs that made the original a multi-million-selling hit. The game was originally designed, developed and published by First Star Software in 1984 for the Apple II, Atari 400/800 and Commodore 64, and this version adds HD visuals, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GameCenter support, as well as four remixes of the original music and much more besides.

Click here to download the game for a launch price of $0.99: App Store - Spy vs Spy

Source: Robots and Pencils
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