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SportBoard application - Digital whiteboard/greaseboard for basketball coaches


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Jun 22, 2010
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I just wanted to make everyone aware of my new iPad basketball strategy application as it is somewhat aligned with your coaching tool. It is called SportBoard, a digital whiteboard/greaseboard for basketball coaches and was released for purchase at the end of April in the App Store.

It is basically a digital version of the old basketball coaches’ greaseboard and whiteboard with the ability to save play diagrams for later use. Its typical use cases include as an instructional tool for players to learn plays during practice, to review opponents’ plays during pre-game or post-game strategy sessions, and even as a sideline play diagramming tool during game time situations. I invite everybody to take it for a spin (currently $3.99) and let me know how it can be improved.

Website: sportboardapp.com

iTunes - appsto.re/sportboard

Full Description:

Are you a sports coach who wishes for an electronic or digital version of the traditional Greaseboard?

Have you designed a play which lead to game winning or outcome changing result and now can't recall the play because it was drawn in the heat of the battle?

Have you sent one of your assistant coaches to scout your cross-town or conference rival and you'd like for them to be able to diagram your opponent's plays and store them for later discussion?

Do you wish you could take a player to the side during practice and coach him on your latest out-of-bounds play by using a rapidly-accessible digital drawing or diagram of the play's flow?

Enter SportBoard! The solution for all of these problems is now available for the iPad.

We've made SportBoard simple to use and quick to load as we understand that often as a coach you don't have time to mess with a perfect diagram or slow technology. Waiting a second too long can mean getting your players to understand the play or losing them to a break in their attention span. Thus, you can quickly draw up a play on the Greaseboard or your can load one of your pre-saved plays from your Library.

Some features include:

* Draw directly on iPad screen and move your team and opponent icons to where you want them

* Customize your team and opponent colors

* Customize your team and opponent player names

* Save and Load plays from SportBoard's Library

* Easy to understand interface enables anyone to pick up the application and use it effectively within mere seconds

* We have seasoned, experienced coaches consulting with us to help deliver you a first rate product.

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