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Oct 25, 2010
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hi guys. really sorry if there has been a thread for this question before. i did do a search and couldnt find anything to answer my question.

so ive just downloaded splashtop. the FULL version app and the desktop program. im using windows vista and i have a bigpond 2wire modem and connected to that a belkin router (to give me some extra wifi coverage really).

anyway so i just cant seem to get splashtop to work for me. it says its working fine on my desktop. i entered the info they say to enter if it doesnt automaticly find my computer...... still nothing. i disabled my firewall and it crashed my computer both times soon as i tried to connect lol. i just dont know how to get this thing to work.
any help would be fantastic.


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Mar 15, 2010
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isn't a 2wire modem a router? That's what I have and it has 4 outgoing ports. I'm guessing its because you're routing to a router....double firewalling your data.

If you have things set up like normal you just go into your port forwarding and forward ports 6783 - 6785 as default.

if you want to set up multiple systems on the same network you will have to change the port number in the application. If you change the port number it will no longer auto detect computers since the default is set to 6783, so you will have to type in the IP to access it.

Once your port is forwarded properly you will be able to access your computer using your IP address (not your routers IP...your ISP assigned one.)...you can find your IP by going to findmyip.com, or if you use Gmail you can look at the bottom of the screen or if you go somewhere else you can find out where your home computer is by looking at the other sessions panel.

I have it set up on a VM on my Mac and also on Bootcamp and both work wonderfully. The bootcamp one is a little faster since it gets 100% resources tho.

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