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Speaker Dock for iPad 2


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Dec 12, 2012
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Hi, I'm shopping for a speaker dock for my girlfriend's iPad 2. I've done a good bit of research, and I realize there are pros and cons to each model. I was almost ready to purchase the Altec Lansing Octiv Stage, but found some unsavory reviews complaining that the plastic arm breaks easily. In looking around, I can't find a model that seems to fit all my criteria. This is a Christmas gift, so I'm hoping to find the perfect one that she won't have to return or replace.

1. Portrait and Landscape mode options. This is important, because I feel like a big function of the speaker dock would be watching TV/vidoes, and the flexibility to rotate to landscape is necessary for some applications.
2. Reliable functionality: obviously, it must be compatible with iPad 2, and I'm weary that some models seem to have trouble functioning with certain iPad models (i.e. not holding the tablet securely) or with some iOS upgrades.
3. Decent speaker quality. I don't think we'll use it for any over-the-top loud jam sessions, but a crisp sound is what I'm looking for.
4. Affordable price. I'd like to stay under $100, but this is not a firm ceiling.

Does anyone have any suggestions? Have you purchased a speaker dock for your own use that you really like? Thanks for any help given.

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