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sound controls

Wayne Block

iPF Noob
Feb 2, 2020
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Is there an overall control for sound, such as there is for brightness in settings other the the two buttons on the case and the one you pull down from the top right corner. My sound seems to have dimmed quite a bit lately.


iPad Fan
Jan 8, 2011
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Milton-Freewater, OR
Not really. Keep an eye on the app or site you are playing from. They often have their own sound controls that are separate from the main ones. If I remember right, the YouTube app controls the main volume, but the YouTube site only controls it's own volume, meaning it will only go to the max that the iPad is set for. I haven't checked that lately, so it may no longer be true. Any way, some appes and sites act like that.

While it only applies to earphones, there is a Reduce Loud Sounds option in Settings > Sounds that will cap the volume. It's meant to keep people from damaging their ears.

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