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Sorry my Intro thread is late


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Feb 16, 2011
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Tucson, AZ
As the thread title states, this intro thread is a bit late for me. I purchased my first iPad a little over a month ago and within a few days I joined this site as a way to learn how to get the most out of my new toy. I have posted a few times since then but I never got around to posting an intro thread.

Anyways, my name is Jason. For the last decade I have used a variety of mobile devices, starting with the Handspring Visor Deluxe back in 2000 and continuing with Palm OS devices until I got the Sony Clie NX80V back in 2003. That latter device was a very high quality device, but the hinge on its clamshell design was pretty weak, and it only took a year before I had problems with screen. I put up with it and used it until 2006. I loved it though when combined with my huge 1GB compact flash drive (which cost 300 bucks in 2003 :eek: ). I used that thing as my "ghetto" laptop when I combined it with a folding keyboard and was my primary computer.

After my Clie kicked the bucket in 2006, I was largely without a mobile device of any kind except for the laptop my parents sent me for my birthday that year. The next year, my parents sent me my dad's 5.5G, 30GB iPod so I finally had an mp3 player to replace my Clie. The birthday after that, I got an 8GB, 2nd Gen iPod Touch. More recently I replaced those two iPods last year with a 32 GB, 4th Gen iPod Touch, as I got tired of using two iPods with one that had all my music and another that had apps and a touch screen, but only some of my music.

I should note that despite my love of mobile devices, I have a cheap, pay-as-you-go cell phone. Why? Frankly, most of my communications with other people is via email, IM, or IRC, and I use my phone quite rarely. So I never had much need for a good phone, or more accurately, I didn't have much need for high-cost data and call plans.

So now we come to my iPad history. I had been wanting to get one ever since it came out, but I could never quite justify the purchase. I wanted one as an ebook reader, a mobile movie viewer, and for social media. I finally pulled the trigger last month when Best Buy had a deal on their Buy Back program. Yes, I know, I think it is a rip off, but only if you have to pay for it. Last month they had a deal where the buy back program was free for tablets. So I got a 16 GB, WiFi iPad and I was quite happy with it, though I couldn't put all my music on it and I had to carefully manage what movies and apps I put on it.

When the iPad 2 was announced I was excited because it would come out within the return period for my original iPad (45 days since I am a Reward Zone Premium Silver member at Best Buy). So on Friday I returned my original iPad then came back a couple hours later to become second in line at my local Best Buy to get the iPad 2, the 64 GB Wifi+Verizon 3G version with a black bezel. I wrote more about my line experience at:


Getting beyond my gadget history, I am an image processing specialist working for the Cassini Imaging Team at lab at the University of Arizona. I produce mosaics of images of Saturn's moons for scientific analysis and public release. I primarily focus on Saturn's moon Titan, a Mercury-sized body with a Nitrogen atmosphere that is 10x denser than Earth's. It's surface, while primarily made of water ice due to the extreme cold at that distance from the sun, is quite earth-like in terms of geology and climate, with lakes and seas near its poles, storms that can generate floods on the surface, vast sand dune seas near its equator, and river valleys.

Anyways I've droned on long enough. If you made it this far, thanks for reading (and congrats). That being said, this seems to be a pretty active community and I hope to stick around.
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May 2, 2010
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Nice introduction!

I started with the HP LX200 running DOS! After that some Palm stuff, then gave up for a decade or so before the iPhone and iPad taught me that what I had imagined with the predecessors really was possible finally.

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