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sorry for the rant on the other post ..


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Mar 28, 2010
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iam on the this kick about the airlines and the way they are over chargeing the people for little things that used to be basicly free and now they are beening penny pinching a-- le type ..
Ya, that does suck.. I feel bad for the airlines, most of those companies never make a penny, always seem to go bankrupt.
my company just started this thing where we used to fly everywhere even it was a hour away from us we flew there ..now it like you a hour a way like L.A or Lost Wages or San Degio ..we drive down in a company van loaded with cloths and gear need . or take our own personal cars or trucks down to the job site if it just us..the only time we fly is if over three hours away by car and then it a maybe but if like on the midwest or the eastcoast .we fly and stay at the most cheapest hotel and other places for the work week and if we are up there for over a week they tried make you pay for the hotel room for the week and no one went out of town and they allmost lost all there conracts with people over the issuse of us paying for the hotel room on the weekend since we where not doing company business ..they tried it and it went over like a lead ballon along with the hotel where not giveing us the discounted rate like ther said they would and chargeing us full weekend rate on personal credit cards..it all most cost them about millons of dollars in contracts with the people for no one would go out of town under that rules that they wanted to put into place and they paid for the hotel for the whole time you where up there ..

plus the guy who owns the company is makeing money and liveing the good life ..but he got into his head that he could cut a few dollars here and there with some of the socalled cost cutting tips that he got from a outside company and it all most cost him a lot of contract in the end for not one person would leave the home office intill it was put onto the table ..for the guy charges the companys for the hotel rooms and per day food cost monday through friday ..on the weekends i pick up my food cost and dry cleaning and laundery cost per week ..

he throught that he could keep more of the pie of the money he was makeing ..for he allmost lost his whole staff and office workers to another company that does our type of work and he stoped right there and then and back up and throught about when a major contract told him that if did not have someone in the office in the morning in L.A. to forget about the contract and they where going with the other company for the rumor was that you staff would be over there anyway so they will call them when they get off the phone ..plus we all started to get text message from the other company when we where in the open floor meeting saying to come over today and talk to us about comeing to work for us and we give you the best hour rate deal along with the best travel rate per dem rate possible.. let say all our personal phones where buzzing like mad with the other company texts and he knew right then and there that he had cross a line and now he need to rethink the problem and not be so greedy ..he still get on his little kicks here and there about what is put onto the company credit card for per dem and where you eat ..some people tell ..hey mike is still hireing and that shuts him up for a whil

the problem was the guy was getting to keep about 30 percent of the contract for his own personal weath and he was makeing out like a bandit on that one and he just got greedy along with hireing some company who does not understand how the work is done or why it done with the hours and the way people work in the system they can in and was telling him to cut the people here and there for they where not need and it started to show in the work load and now they are back and he knows that he got it good and not to go and push over the cart to make more money for yourself ..

for the guy is learning that you do not go over and pull on superman cape and spit in the guy eye without getting into trouble on it ..

i just getting tired of beening nickled and dimed to death over everything when traveling from the company b.s. to the airline .b.s ..iam ranting and letting off stream ..
iam sorry for the long rant it been a bad week and i have reached that point in the week where i just want to scream ..

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