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So how many of us don't have an iPhone?


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Apr 7, 2010
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I don't own one I think it would be cool, but I use verizon.


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Mar 21, 2010
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Marietta, GA - USA
I've had zero exposure to Apple products, but the iPad, I just couldn't resist. I have had AT&T for a long, long time and I can't complain, I usually get descent coverage and I travel a lot. I opted for the 3G version to keep things simple. Question: Can you tether and use your 'Droid as a phone at the same time?

Those who tether will have their balls ripped off by the cell carriers as every single 3G cell plan in the USA has a 5 GB useage cap before the extra charges kick in on your cell bill. An iPad which streams NetFlix across 3G will easily pass that mark before the month is over.

The $30 AT&T 3G pre pay plan for the iPad is unlimited data without a 'soft cap' like the others. As long as you don't do data roaming off the AT&T network you are good and you are insulated from a home wrecking data bill.

If anyone was going to tether it should be tether your device to an iPad as only the iPad has that unlimited 3G for video and VOIP.

Verizon has indicated they intend to charge up the wazoo for people using large amounts of data in recent comments before the press. They see a huge untapped revenue stream there.

Sprint's elusive 4G network plan allows unlimited data but if you device drops to 3G as they often do on Sprint 4G you get hit with a killer bill the next month. Do a search for CLEAR SCAM or CLEAR OR SPRINT BILLING. One of those searches should point you to those shouting about their pain on Sprint 4G.
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