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Smaller Dock Connector on the Way for iPad as Well as Next iPhone


iPadForums News Team
Jun 7, 2010
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iMore reports today that the smaller dock connector, which is rumoured to be one of the features of the next iPhone, will soon be coming to the iPad, both regular and mini versions, as well as all other iOS devices. iMore says that the iPad, the new iPod nano and the iPod touch will all be updated to accommodate the new dock. iMore also says that this move may well be announced at the rumoured September 12 iOS special event, which is when it is thought Apple will announce the next iPhone, and possibly the iPad mini. iMore’s source on this story is the same as the one that initially told it about the new, smaller dock connector way back in February, before it was common knowledge, and which also said that Apple would be supplying a mini dock adapter to fit users’ old accessories with new iOS devices that have the smaller connector. This could mean that the refresh of the latest iPad that has recently been rumoured, which will include tweaks to prevent overheating, is very much on the cards, and will also include the smaller dock.

Source: Apple to roll new Dock connector out across entire iOS product lineup this fall | iMore.com

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