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Slow loading times for youtube videos over 3G


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Mar 19, 2012
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Hi all, I am using a 3G connection and am trying to watch videos on YouTube. However I am having issues with slow loading times for videos. My 3G connection has had some issues but has been stabilising now, and after a speediest I am getting good speeds. So when I use the browser or any Internet apps the speed is fast enough, but as soon as I use the YouTube app it takes forever to load anything. It just taken me over five minutes to load and watch a one minute clip. The symbol that usually appears next to 3G that shows the Internet is busy doing something does not appear, I have a full 3G signal and am close to a 3G mast. It just seems the problem lies with the YouTube app? Can anyone offer any advice to improve loading times further.
If you are on a 3G connection, youtube should automatically lower the quality of the video a bit to make it more friendlier to stream. You don't want to stream a 720p or a 1080p version of a video over 3G.

From what it sounds like that isn't happening.

You can try turning off wifi, and see if that triggers the quality adjustment, or you can visit the mobile site of youtube, YouTube - Broadcast Yourself. in Safari.

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