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Site which monitors app store bargains?


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Jun 24, 2010
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Grimsby, UK
Hey guys, apologies if this has been mentioned before - are there any decent sites which track the prices of apps on the app store?

Getting kinda miffed at buying something only to see it on sale a few days later lol

Many thanks:)
App Sniper will give you a list of all apps that are on sale, new etc. You can set the price that you would like to pay and it will notify you of when the price has dropped to that point. It gives the screen views of the apps and is linked to the app store. I have found this useful for my iTouch and use it also on my iPad although wish I could select iPad only apps.
Yeah, but the Appsniper app is 99¢ and I can't use Appsniper to find out when it will be free!

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