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Single / multiplayer strategy game app on the way. Need your support. Screens inside


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Jan 26, 2012
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Me and a friend are developing a quite deep strategy game since 2 years back. It's already playable in the browser in beta version 5. We want to take this game to iPhone / iPad. If you are tired of games like angry birds and want something closer to for example civilization this might be the thing for you. Our game is written in JavaScript so we can bring it to iOS. In fact its is already playable through the browser, but the user interface is created for PC/MAC so it's very cumbersome to play on your phone. We want to create a native APP of it so you can keep track of your games with ease.

We are currently running a campaign on kickstarter to be able to fund the last parts of this game. If you think this is interesting please check out our campaign.

Here are some screenshots of what it can look like on a iPhone and then from the pc/mac version.

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