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SHOWCASE: caseen Checker Plaid Genuine Leather Apple iPad 2 Smart Standing Case


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Nov 15, 2011
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Los Angeles
Brandon here. Showcasing our checker plaid case =).



Textured checkerboard black and white squares create a refined look for your Apple iPad 2. The case is reinforced with stitched black leather details. It is a SMART case! The embedded magnet functions with the iPad 2's sleep on/off magnet feature. This version of the case has an improved pen/stylus holder!

caseen's gothic letter logo is engraved onto a golden metal plate to denote authenticity and quality.

About caseen leather cases:
caseen’s leather products are above and beyond industry standards for quality and fitment. Our leather is thicker, which makes both the case and device more durable. Sueded inserts are made to offset this thickness, to retain a lightweight feel at all times. The inserts function to keep your device’s screen from scratches.

Have any questions? Feel free to reply to me! I am here to help =).

caseen Customer Service
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