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Should i bring my Ipad to New Zealand..


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Nov 3, 2010
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Hi all, i am from Singapore and planning a trip to the south islands, NZ next week. Should i bring the Ipad along? will the data roam charges be very high? Is there a way to buy a prepaid micro sim card when i reaches there? Please advise...many thanks!
Why not?
I take my iPad anywhere, wherever I go.
I don't use 3G when abroad though. I've found that in many places there's free WiFi available, so whenever I have the opportunity, I download mails etc. via WiFi.

So, taking it along and using free WiFi for the internet-connection is still better than leaving it at home and not having any web-access at all.
Last month, my wife and I visited Montreal. The only access I had was wifi. The hotel provided a good signal so my thought, take your iPad. You'll be sorry if you don't.


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