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Share the ipad 3g connection to laptop in the future?


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Feb 23, 2012
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Situation is that my sister just bought an iPad with 3G internet expecting it to be able to share its connection to other devices just like the iPhone.
She wanted to to use it in the yacht to replace a number of devices. The iPad can't replace an internet connected laptop entirely, but an iPad to share internet over has à number of advantages.
1. Compared to usb stick in laptop, internet is allways there, no need to wake up the powerhungry pc to get internet on the ship(iPad )
2. You can put internet in a bag going ashore
3. No need to flip on an off a powerconsuming wifi-share on a smartphone, only to find out that "he's" taken the internet providing phone with him on a walk just when you need it. The iPad would sit there connected to power most of the time.

Now she askes me. When does this functionality arrive? And I ask you, Any rumors?


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