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Self Published photography ebook

Andrew Brooks

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Nov 5, 2010
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Manchester Uk
I'm a Uk photographer and digital artist. I'm always looking for new ways to talk about my work so was interested when I heard about enhanced ebooks for iPads. After weeks of working out software and contacting Apple I managed to get my first ebook onto the iBook store, the book has embedded audio and video as well as images you can zoom into. If anyone want's to get hold of it look up New Worlds by Andrew Brooks through the iBookstore. And if anyone has any questions about how I built the book and ways of getting enhanced books onto iBookstore let me know, as I think it's a really exciting new way of communicating ideas.


Andrew Brooks
I am interested in publishing an enhance ebook for iPads. Can you tell me how you got started?
Nice work Andrew.
The iPad is a great display vehicle for this sort of work and I think you got the pricing just right.

Great web site too!

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