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Security questions


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Jun 28, 2017
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Dear all

I have a big problem with the new security settings of Apple! Since the 15th of June Apple wants that for 3rd partie Apps the 2 factor authentification is used.

Ok, fine for me....I've logged on appleid and here started everything. The system was asking for the security answers...no clue...really, i tried to answer...nothing...ok, let's call the AppleID Support. I had no Security Pin to give as a second option...then: ok let's answer your security questions...I told him, that I've forgot the answers...ok, then let's send an e-mail....no way...it's the same as the "blocked" one...ok, credit card? also no way....the ID has been used only for e-mail purposes...

The AppleID Support has identified my with my 2nd AppleID where credit card etc are saved...but they can't do anything...no one can resolve my problem. My AppleID is still there, I can't access cause of a stupid security option which I wanted to add...I've tried to Login normally..password is accepted but then "Your account has been blocked...."

Do you have any tips how I can get back my AppleID? The AppleID support guy himself told me, that he never had this type of problem...(and he was the dept. team head).

Many thanks and sorry for my bad english...

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