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Second device same app purchase


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Jun 13, 2010
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For those who have two i devices and want same app on both, I have a question.

I have read to sync/backup on one then restore on other and that makes sense. However, can we just log in on the second device (iTunes) and redownload app?

Like I have an iPad if I take an app off I can put it back on by going to AppStore and trying to buy again, it allows redownload. Does this happen on second device or is redownload tied to serial #?

The reason I ask is we're getting a second iPad but the first will be on a trip when the second is delivered. We plan to backup before the trip but for ease I had the idea of just logging in. We'd be having the same iTunes login regardless so would it work?
You can download any app you own to any device on your itunes account.
Thanks so direct down loads from iTunes on second device would work. :)
Even if you download on the iPad, then sync, after that the apps will be available on the second iPad.
Excellent we have a 3G on order and didn't want to have his and hers purchases. :D
Thanks so direct down loads from iTunes on second device would work. :)

My daughter and my husband do this all time on their own itunes libraries, and also just download directly on the devices themselves.
In settings for the App Store app you can sign out of your account, sign in with another accont that has purchase the app before and download it for free on this new device.
Buckeye said:
When I go to download pages on our 2nd IPad, it asks me to pay?

If you are using the same Apple ID when downloading the app on your second iPad, you shouldn't have to pay again.
I found out how, if you go to the app store, at the bottom there is a tab labeled "purchased". There you can install all of your apps free.

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