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Script/Screenplay apps?


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Jul 18, 2010
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Hi folks,

Can anyone recommend a good scriptwriting app that syncs with Microsoft word? Thanks in advance.
I use Scripts Pro. you can transfer/sync files through Itunes applications tab and it will import your stuff in.
What kind of format are you using for your scripts?
If you're using FDX (industry standard), then you could use "Storyist" (my favourite), "Scripts Pro" or "Screenplay".
I wrote a Squidoo lens where I give in depth reviews of all the screenplay apps for iPad, if you're interested:
Best Screenplay Apps for iPad
Scripts Pro is now pretty good after it got a major update. You won't get any power features from Final Draft but for just writing it does the job well.
When I first started work in the industry.. Final Draft was the standard.... But way too expensive for some... a lot actually... Even their apps...
I find myself using Celtx (free on Mac/Windows) and they have an App for iPhone and iPad... You can work on the same screenplay on multiple devices, which I love (syncs amazingly). The app cost me like... 5 bucks, but I think it got cheaper since then... It's probably my favorite filmmaking app.. I can't decide if I use it more on my computer or iPad... I have sausage fingers, so it's near impossible to type on an iPhone (for me at least :).

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