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Sales Rumors


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Mar 25, 2010
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An estimate seen today says that Apple has sold over 500,000 iPads already. I think the question is how many have they built?
Thanks. The article you linked to has 9to5Mac as the source of the estimate. Unfortunately when you click on the link in the article it takes you to a 9to5Mac article about the iPad selling out but it doesn't have any sales estimates. I wonder how accurate the number is. I guess will find out eventually. Thanks again.
It's impossible to say "sold out" when a manufacturer is producing full speed ahead.
It's pretty sure Apple has production running in an "on demand" sheme.
There is another click that takes you to a chart with the sales estimate and breakdown. I think someone at Fortune has been tracking the sales and they have been steady, with in store pickup mirroring the on-line sales. On-line sales are around a 1/4 million, and over ten days ago, store pickup was over 150k. I think they said something like 7000 a day average lately for both.

It would be a strong assumption that they had 3-500,000 (nice round numbers) targeted for an initial offering and at least 10,000 set aside for Best Buy and Apple Store FCFS. the question is how fast are they making them and how many 3G models are they stockpiling. The on-line numbers will include a large number of 3G units, but not too many 3G units are going to be sold for in-store pickup until a date is announced.

What I would like to see is a breakdown of how many or the percentages of which model is selling

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