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Request for Apps for student presentations

Nov 24, 2010
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Monte Vista Christian School
I was hoping to get people's opinions on which Apps are superior for creating presentations. Here are the details of my situation:

1. Classroom full of students, each with their own iPads--they're the ones creating the presentations.
2. No computers in the class, except for the teacher's, which is normally a PC.
3. Computer at student's home, mostly PCs.

In my experience, having a MoblileMe account with a Mac computer is all I need to create great presentations using Keynote. But our students won't have that as the normal situation.

We're looking for Apps that allow students to create presentations right in class, using the camera connection kit for video/photo media (1 per classroom), as well as the internet, and virtual spaces with personal media, and anything else that the iPad has to offer (like voice recording).

We've had some success using SonicPics as a presentation platform--even though it's meant for podcasting, this simple App makes presentations easy and impressive looking without much of a learning curve on using the interface. We've also had some success with Animoto. And even without a Mac at home, or a MobileMe account, many students are still able to make good use of Keynote.

I highly covet anyone's advice on Apps that would meet my presentation needs as above described. Thanks!

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