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REMINDER : Magnet on smart covers!!

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Oct 21, 2011
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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Hi guys,

I'm starting this thread as a warning from my experience, so everyone who read this out there could be more alert and take caution on what it will do.

The magnet was strong enough to decode the magnetized strip on cards and i would say that it will also decode your credit cards, debit cards, parking ticket cards or whatever cards using magnetized coded strip. I'm sure people, especially girls and women out there usually placed their ipad together with their little purse inside the handbags and if placed close enough, you'll get the codes decoded.

I just experienced my Automated Teller Machine (name for the machine to withdraw your money in my place, Malaysia) card to be decoded and i need to went back to my bank to get it replaced with minimum charges. I believe if it happened at the wrong time, it will definitely give u a very bad day, like what i experienced!!

If you people there already noted on this, take this as a kind reminder and for fellas ipad2 user out there who never knew this, please take note on this. Thanks.

Apple Fans,
Eiko Lim
64Gb 3G iPAD 2 user.
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