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Really stupid question but need answer


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Jul 13, 2010
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I apologize for asking what has probably been asked and answered several dozen times already. But, I'm a newbie and never owned an Apple product before until I received a new Ipad as a gift. It is not 3G so when not near a WiFi hot spot, I have no service. I called Apple and was advised that there's no way to upgrade my Ipad to a 3g model in order to have access to AT & T service. So, is there anything I can do to make my Ipad in order to hook into a cellular phone service broadband connection? I have a small USB device from Verizon for my PC that allows me to hook up to the internet where there's Verizon service. But, since the Ipad has no USB port, obviously I can't use it. Do I have any options. The MiFi device that Verizon sells appears to require a USB port which, once again, won't work. Do I have any options or am I forever tied to use my Ipad only when in range of a WiFi hot spot? Thanks for your patience in responding to this.
If you have Verizon get the MiFi it will run for a few hours on its battery comes with ac adapter you can get a car adapter is very small and will connect 4 or 5 devices at a time. I have one and it works great. Just extennnnnnneeeeedddd that contract!!!
Yes, the MiFi from Verizon, or you might still be able to sell yours on ebay or craigslist for retail or higher and go buy a 3G. Check ATT's coverage in your area first.
Or you can tether it to certain phones - jail broken iPhones, certain droid phones, some s60 phones also.
you may look at a 3G wifi router.

I bought the Cradlepoint phs300

it allows you to plug in your USB 3G device, which then sends out a wifi signal that you can use with your iPad
I think every cellular company offers a Mobile MiFi Hot Spot. I have the Sierra 3G/4G Overdrive from Sprint. IMO the Mobile MiFi offers many benefits over the built in 3G. You are not limited to one device, the Overdrive allows you to connect up to five devices simultaneously. Many people don't like the issues of carrying around a second device, about the size of a deck of cards, and issues with battery run times. Neither presents a problem for me. It's attached to my backpack and my backpack goes practically everywhere i go. And i found an AC/DC compact adapter so never a problem with run times. Another concern with many folks is the typical two year contract requirement, but many people are not aware of a new law passed for cell phone, MiFi contracts. The early termination fee is no longer a flat fee. The termination fee is adjusted by the length of time you have the contract less a specified dollar amount each month beginning from month one. You have to ask these questions with your cell provider. Most Mobile MiFi packages offer unlimited bandwidth plans and depending on your provider you can package the MiFi with your other phones you have with the carrier. In my case, i only added $30 monthly adding the 3G/4G unlimited service to my overall plan. my wife and i both have an iPad so we aren't spending any more for our monthly service had we gone with the AT&T 3G service. You have to look at works for you and decide if this type of service works for you. I defiantly love the 3G/4G MiFi and wouldn't do it any other way.
I use a MiFi when away from my home network.
Works fine and runs off a pay as you go card.

That said I also have network detector app............. :)
Or if you don't want to mess with contracts at all, you can buy the MiFi from Virgin Mobile ($149.99) and "pay as you go".

Virgin Mobile USA

I'm glad to see the the Virgin Mobile arrangement suggested. I'm running a Verizon Mifi right now, but fully intend to switch over to Virgin Mobile once my contract is up. I would not be surprised to see more of the companies offering more contract free arrangements like this.
I have a Verizon MiFi too and I really like it.
You do not need USB to use it but you can connect it to a computer directly if you want or to charge it.

The other day I misplaced my phone and was able to use the MiFi and a Magic Jack connected to a laptop to make calls until I retrieved the phone.....its Magic!

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