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Reading Comic App and duplicate usernames


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Jul 26, 2010
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Reading Comic App and duplicate usernames
I used Comic Zeal to read comics. It is nice but it takes far too much time when iPad backup if your collection is more than 1 gb which sorts of defeats the purpose of getting a 64 GB iPad (I have at least 30 Gb worth of comics and I do not even dare to *think* of downloading to my iPad). It takes more than 2 hrs just to backup data of 1 Gb of manga. I gave up and stopped the backup process when syncing my iPad. But the problem of hitting x at backup could crash your iPad. Since Saturday I have to restore my iPad 3 times because of the extreme long backup time.

Is there any tried and tested manga app that I could used without leading to long backup time? I am quite sure it is the app Comic Zeal that is giving the long backup problem. I used iBooks for my novel collection but it never gives me any problem even though I have a substantial collection.

I am quite sore over Comic Zeal. It would be perfect if it did not lead to a long backup time thereby limiting the amount of manga I could store on iPad. And I actually PAID for this app.

On another note can someone tell me how to remove the user account in iTunes. As I was forced to reset my iPad several times, I am forced to use another username for my iPad as iTunes would state that there is another iPad using the same name and would not allow me to name my iPad using the username. At this rate, I am going to run out of usernames!
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