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RDP and Ipsec VPN apps


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Jun 30, 2010
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Ok sorry for remaking the RDP thread but I got some PM saying that I should've posted my thread here so here I go

Hi I have a RDP question and please pardon my english this is not my first language

I am looking for a rdp software for iPad and i need recommandations.

These are the software i am looking for

Mocha RDP 6.99
Itap 11.99
Desktop connect 11.99

Thé fonctions i need are

- connect to [COLOR=#5C2656 ! important][COLOR=#5C2656 ! important]Windows[/COLOR][/COLOR] xp-vista-7. Server 2003-2008, Mac os
- drag and drop enable
- CAN have a virtual mouse for right click
- The mini menu (the yellow one at top of the screen) you have when you use a rdp connexion on Windows to reduce or close thé connexion is available and dosent fusion is you have 2 or 3 connections at thé same Time

2nd Question, I need to be able to connect to my work office with VPN but the problem is that the cisco Ipsec VPN from the Ipad is incompatible with our network

we have a Juniper Router using Ipsec Phase 1-2 Mutual PSK+ XAuth and preshared key

I know on mac you have Ipsecuritas but does the Ipad have a similar software?

dont think there are any VPN capable apps like you want.

I think desktop connect is the only one that does both windows and OSX. I havnt used it.

Both iTap apps work good.

I use the app WinAdmin the most for my windows RDP connections. Its quick and dostn get much lag when doing normal things like remoting into a server and changing something.

another app I use for my windows servers is called ServerControl. It lets me view all the servers installed services and start/stop them without having to remote into the machine.
Yeah i took Itap and loving it, it's fast and reliable

Noé jus need to ait for a new IPSec VPN


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