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Quick Review Compilation of the iPad Air


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Jul 27, 2011
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We thought a quick compilation of reviews might be useful for everyone who might be on the fence about grabbing Apple's new iPad Air. This list below is by no means exhaustive, but it does include several reviews from some of the more noteworthy tech sites across the web. We basically just compiled a few quotes which summarize the author's perspective on the iPad Air. We also included links in case you would like to read the full article. This way you can make a more informed decision of whether to replace your current iPad or stick with what you have.

Tech Crunch said,

"The iPad Air is a huge improvement over the iPad 4th-gen, or the iPad 2, pictured in the gallery. Its form factor is the best currently available for a 10-inch tablet, and it provides a great blend of portability and usability that leans towards the media device end of the spectrum."

SlashGear said,

"Air is the no-compromise tablet. Beautiful display, crisp design, premium build quality: it’s the gold-standard by which tablets are judged, and rightly so. If Apple’s full-sized slates had fallen into the shadow of their mini brethren over the past twelve months, the iPad Air brings the larger tablet right back into the spotlight."

AllThingsDigital said,

"I’ve been testing the iPad Air for about a week and found it a pleasure to use. This new iPad isn’t a radical rethinking of what a tablet can be, but it’s a major improvement on a successful product. It is the best tablet I’ve ever reviewed.

That isn’t just because of its slimmer, lighter design, but because Apple boasts 475,000 apps optimized for tablet use — far more than any other tablet platform. (The iPad also can run all of the million or so apps available for the iPhone.) By contrast, the vast majority of apps available for rival Android tablets are just stretched versions of phone apps."

Engadget said,

""Surprise: the iPad Air is the best iPad we've reviewed. In addition, though, it's also the most comfortable 10-inch tablet we've ever tested. Not every manufacturer can produce a thin and light device without also making it feel cheap or flimsy, but Apple nailed it. Factor in a sizable boost in performance and battery life, and the Air is even more compelling. The last two iPads served up relatively few improvements, but the Air provides people with more of a reason to upgrade or even buy a tablet for the first time."

Pocket-Lint said,

"Apple has done it again: the iPad Air is a tablet better than the last iPad. Simply put the iPad Air is the best iPad the company has ever made. It's light, it's thin, it's fast, it's amazing.

For die-hard Apple fans we can see how you would be disappointed in terms of wow factor, there is no standout feature here that you will want to show your friends the moment they walk through the door in the same way you can with the iPhone 5S and Touch ID, however this is Apple creating the ultimate experience rather than focusing on specs for specs' sake."

Feel free to share additional links to reviews on the iPad Air in this thread so we have even more perspectives to evaluate. Also, if you are already planning on getting one, please remember to sound off in this thread to share your impressions of the iPad Air once you have yours.

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