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Questions Regarding CS5.5/iPad/Apple Requirements


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Dec 26, 2011
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I'm a Flash developer, using Windows my entire life. I don't know the first thing about Macs or iPads -- your help is appreciated with my questions below.

A video on tv. adobe. com/watch/learn-flash-professional-cs5/flash-professional-cs55-publishing-content-to-ios-devices/ proves that Flash CS5.5 enables you to export your Flash content to a compiling system that boils it down to an iPad app (note... I can't post links on this forum yet, because I'm new...). It's not Flash running on an iPad; it's an iPad app, which was compiled using Flash as the IDE.

Does anyone know:

1) After rendering (outputting) the Flash-based work for the iPad platform, I see it can be tested by dragging it into iTunes and then syncing it on the iPad. Must iTunes be running on a Mac to perform this, or can all of this be done in iTunes running in Windows?

2) To obtain the Apple Developer Certificate at Apple's website, must this step be done on Mac equipment, or can that be done on Windows?

3) If any of these steps must be done on a Mac, is it technically possible to use someone else's Mac temporarily, instead of buying your own system? Or, does Apple somehow "tie" you into that particular Mac system that you did these steps on?

Bottom line: I'm trying to determine if I can get by with Windows equipment (cash is tight these days), only, to get an iPad developed and published. I've never owned a Mac, and I don't know the first thing about them. Thanks for any help.

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